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What is it?

A tie-down strap that allows you to fasten ladders, lightweight pipe, poles and other job materials quickly and securely to your construction vehicle.  Pro-Strap® Construction is a SAFER alternative to conventional tie downs.


How is it packaged?

Each package contains two (2) straps.


What Length are they?

They are available in two (2) lengths 43" and 72".


What does it do?

Secures ladders and materials in seconds and in all weather conditions.  With its patented Hook-Loop Fastener, you will no longer need wire twists, rubber-hooked tie-downs or hard-to-tie rope knots. The strap itself is designed to stay on the vehicle saving you the time and headache of searching your truck bed for stray tie-downs. The double-stitched polypropylene webbing is strong, durable and reliable in any climate.


  • PRO-STRAP® eliminates the hazards and hassles of using rubber hooked tie downs, wire, rope, ratchets and other weak devices.
  • PRO-STRAP® is a patented tie-down strap designed by a contractor for contractors and all professional and non-professional users.
  • PRO-STRAP® has been in use since 1994 and continues to be a favorite.


What is the skinny?

Don't be the guy on the freeway picking up his ladder that just fell off his vehicle. $10,000….FINE…that's right!!  You not only lose your ladder and risk being fined, but you may also cause damage or injury to somebody else.


Get the tie-down strap that works well and looks more wires, no more ropes and no more broken ratchets hanging from your vehicle.  Get The Ultimate Tie Down Strap - Pro-Strap® Construction

Pro-Strap® Construction - 43 inch (Set of two)

Pro-Strap® Construction: 43 inch Pro-strap
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